Director Wants Wesley Snipes For Thelonious Monk Biopic

Wesley SnipesIt's been 25 years since jazz legend Thelonious Monk left behind an impressive body of work (classics like "Round Midnight" and "Blue Monk" are probably best known). Of course in an age when music biopics like "Ray" and "Walk the Line" earn multiple Oscar nods and solid money at the box office, it's no surprise that Monk's life would be attractive fodder for the big screen.

Enter "El Cantante" director Leon Ichaso. No stranger to films about dynamic musicians ("El Cantante" tells the story of Salsa singer Hector Lavoe), Ichaso wants to follow up his Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony flick with a film about the storied Jazz man with that oh so memorable name. And he's already got a leading man in mind. Ichaso told MTV News, "I know who I would like. I would love it if Wesley Snipes would do it."

When pressed, the director admits he has talked to Snipes a bit about the project (the two collaborated on "Sugar Hill" in 1994).

He also says he's got other potential Monks in mind - "I've talked to Denzel [Washington] and others as well."

Who's got the chops to play Thelonious? Weigh in below.