The Dailies: July 30, 2007

'Night at the Museum'Comic-Con may be over but the movie news keeps coming. In today's edition, casting news on Cameron Diaz and Keira Knightly, a great passes away, and a legend may have retired from acting.

- "Night at the Museum" sequel is in the works, say the writers. (Dark Horizons)

- Cameron Diaz faces off against her own daughter in "My Sister's Keeper." Sounds cheery. (Variety)

- Kevin Smith will helm "Heroes" episode. FCC, you've been warned. (TV Squad)

- Keira Knightly always looked like royalty to us. Now she's playing "The Duchess." (Variety)

- Has Clint Eastwood retired? And more importantly, what does that mean for the orangutan? (Deadline Hollywood)

- The great and influential filmmaker Ingmar Bergman has died. (NY Times)