Comic-Con: 'Hulk' Smashes At Marvel Panel, Plus 'Iron Man' Cameos To Spawn 'Marvel Heroes' Flick

Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee may be fond of breaking out his catchphrase "'nuff said," but when it came to the first-ever Marvel Studios panel, there was plenty of big news to talk about.

First up was "The Incredible Hulk," Marvel's relaunching of one of their most popular -- if theatrically flawed -- characters. Director Louis Leterrier, Marvel honchos Avi Arad and Kevin Feige, producer Gale Anne Hurd and actors Edward Norton and Liv Tyler greeted the crowd of 6,500. (Read the full article and see more photos after the jump.)

Edward Norton

"We are not going to have a Hulk who is three different sizes in this movie," Hurd remarked, referencing the recent Ang Lee flick. "This is a part one," Feige added. "This is the start of a whole new saga."

"I came into this and rewrote the screenplay," revealed Norton. "I was a Marvel kid. I had subscriptions to a lot of the comics ... I loved the early incarnation of the Hulk, and then the television show as a kid."

Liv Tyler

"I was also a huge fan of the show," grinned Tyler, who burst out laughing when a woman dressed as her "Lord of the Rings" character asked a question. "I used to watch it with my mother all the time."

Ultimately, though, the stars said the film will be quite different than the Bill Bixby show -- and a first-ever photo of the newer, darker, more furious-looking Hulk seemed to agree. "A lot of people gave me funny looks when I said I was thinking about doing it, Norton said. "It's kind of an honor, and it's kind of hilarious, and it's kind of exciting."

Next up was "Iron Man," with Robert Downey Jr., Jon Favreau, Gwyneth Paltrow and Terrence Howard in attendance. Favreau took the mic to introduce the same mind-blowing highlight footage shown at the recent Paramount panel.

Jon Favreau Dons 'Iron Man' Tee

"... And he can't wait to be War Machine, if this franchise goes on," is how the director introduced Howard, confirming a sequel plot point.

"I'm sorry, could there have been a little more of me in there," Downey teased after the footage. "We've made a movie worth watching."

"Every script is a comic book," Howard grinned. "It started from your imagination."

"Iron Man is rock 'n' roll when he gets down to business," Favreau said of the titular Black Sabbath song in the footage.

Robert Downey Jr. Hugs Stan Lee

Getting the biggest applause of everyone, Stan Lee unexpectedly crashed the panel, and Favreau confirmed that the icon will have a cameo.

"I gotta tell you about the lunch I had with Robert. I made the reservation, and I said I'd be with Robert Downey Jr. -- you should see the booth they gave me."

"I like it when Han Solo shot Greedo," Favreau said of Tony Stark's ruthless edge. "[Iron Man] is a guy you don't like on paper ... that's what makes it interesting."

But the biggest news to come out of the panel might have been when Feige confirmed that cameos like Samuel L. Jackson will lay the groundwork for an eventual film that will bring multiple Marvel heroes together. "That's definitely a plan," he remarked. "He's a well-known character," Feige said of the Iron Man fanbase. "And he certainly will be next summer."