Comic-Con: 'Narnia' Filmmakers Go The Distance, Plan For Seven Films

'Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe'Over 6,000 visitors to Comic-Con joined the Pevensie children and stepped through the wardrobe to journey into Narnia, with never-before-seen footage from "Prince Caspian" at the Disney Panel.

And, according to director Andrew Adamson and producer Mark Johnson, they'll be doing it again every year for the next decade.

"As long as you keep embracing these movies, we'll make all seven," Johnson told an appreciative audience. "We start the end of January on "Voyage of the Dawn Treader.' Our goal is to give you [a new] one every May starting [next year]."

The announcement came after a computer pre-visualization which showed the Pevensie children storming King Miraz's castle alongside Prince Caspian, flying onto the topmost turrets in the talons of giant griffins.

Griffins, yes -- but not Gryffindors. Comparing his work on "Narnia" to that OTHER long running fantasy series, Adamson insisted that future "Narnia" films will be both more consistent and more faithfully inclusive to the source than "Harry Potter."

"'Harry Potter' is a different [animal]," he said via satellite from Prague. "C.S. Lewis wrote more efficiently [than J.K. Rowling]. We have a chance to embellish, [not exclude]."