Comic-Con: 'Watchmen' Release Date Announced, Dr. Manhattan Will Be All CG

WatchmenOur guys at the panel, Shawn Adler and Larry Carroll, just sent in the following info and quotes from "Watchmen" director Zack Snyder, talking at length about his hugely anticipated flick.

The film's release date? March 6, 2009.

Some quotes from Snyder:

-"Is 'Watchmen' better if it's updated, more accessible? I don't think so. I don't think 'Watchmen' should come to the people, but the people to 'Watchmen.'"

-"We have real actors. It's not an exercise in marketing. I made a movie called '300' and it had no stars in it either. A couple people saw that."

-"The idea for the Manhattan character -- when he becomes Manhattan he's going to be a full CG version of Billy [Crudup], 'Pirates of the Caribbean'-style. The last thing I want is to see some guy with blue paint."

-"I want to see the ['Tales of the Black Freighter'] story. I think it's really important. People have talked a lot about what it means, but I think it's really cool and would be fun to do. I want to do it."