Comic-Con: Hymie The Robot And Agent 13 Will Appear In 'Get Smart'


A tense standoff between two top agents, one with a gun to the other's head.

"Freeze," the first one says.

"No, you freeze," the other replies. "Freeeeeeeeze."

Not a single person at the Warner Brothers panel seemed to move - except with laughter - when footage was unveiled from "Get Smart" this morning. But audiences got out of their seats to cheer when director Peter Segal brought out stars Ken Davitian, The Rock, Masi Oka, and Steve Carell for surprise appearances.

Carell and company were hardly the only bones Segal threw hardcore fans.

"Yes, Hymie the Robot is in the movie," he revealed. "And yes, Agent 13 is in the movie."

What did Carell like best about filming the action remake he called a "comedic 'Bourne Identity?'"

"I get to look like I'm athletic, coordinated, and sexy," he said. "When in real life I am none of the above."

And Davitian? The "Borat" co-star had a handy response.

"I got to wear clothes."