Comic-Con: Shoot 'Em Up Director Screens Film And Enjoys Every Minute Of It

WatchmenFor all the Vulcans, Stormtroopers and gladiators walking around at Comic-Con, the biggest geek in all of San Diego may very well be an invited guest.

"In high school, when I auditioned for 'Fiddler on the Roof,' " "Shoot 'Em Up" director Michael Davis told a packed crowd by way of introduction at the world premiere of his new flick, "my audition piece was Auric Goldfinger's speech. This is a dream come true."

It was vintage fanboy -- the kind of enthusiastic admission you'd expect to see from a costumed attendee -- but Davis' glee quickly became infectious, as audience members hooted and hollered after several Clive Owen one-liners, or more especially, after each rollicking action sequence in a flick that one viewer described as "absolutely and completely ridiculous ... but in a good way."

Ridiculous is right. The movie is one balls-to-the-wall set piece after another, each more absurd and implausible than the last -- but each was greeted with screams of delight from stunned crowd.

But nobody was more awed than Davis himself. "Hold on," he said, stopping by the aisle after making his introduction. "Raise your hands -- I need to take a picture."

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