David Wain Of 'The Ten' Dances For You!

If you're a fan of "Wet Hot American Summer" (and if you're not, just keep moving along because we're done) then you know and appreciate the work of David Wain. This Friday, his latest directing effort "The Ten" opens up, boasting a cast of everyone from Winona Ryder and Adam Brody to Paul Rudd and Liev Schreiber. If you're in New York, Wain and friends have a cool-sounding comedy and music show you might want to check out.

But in the meanwhile, take a gander at what David did for us. We've been sending him your questions and he's been recording his answers for you via webcam (to watch his previous episodes, click here). In this final installment, he gives advice on how to combat boredom, discusses his political platform, and dances up a storm.