Comic-Con: Dane Cook Brags, Jessica Alba Gives Optimus Prime A Sexy Surprise

WatchmenOf all the montages in film history — the "training" montage, the "making it happen" montage, the "falling in love" montage — none will be as memorable as the one in "Good Luck Chuck," laughed star Dane Cook.

"There's a montage of about 30 women [I sleep with]," Cook announced. "My p---- had to be CGI."

It was co-star Jessica Alba and not Cook, however, who had 6,000-plus audience members salivating at Comic-Con. Asked by a costumed Optimus Prime what fans of the sexy actress would find most surprising about her, she replied, "I'm also a sexy man."

Alba almost shows the world her full monty in a scene from the film in which she tries to initiate a romantic encounter with Cook while both lie in a bathtub.

It was enough to make anyone lose some self-control. "I love you," a fan yelled out at Alba. "I like you," Cook chimed in. "But I want to see other people."