Comic-Con: Indy Clues In The Paramount Goodie Bag

Watchmen"You throw me the first-look items, I throw you the whip!"

Upon entering the 6500-person hall H at Comic-Con for today's first panel, every guest was given a Paramount goodie bag that contained an "Iron-Man" t-shirt (featuring the chestplate design), a "Star Trek" t (classic logo on front, "Stardate 12.26.08" on back), and a "Beowulf" comc book.

The real prize, however, was an artwork-heavy booklet with a silhouette of Indiana Jones on the cover. Inside are images from the 3 previous flicks, along with the words "He's been shot at", "He's been run over", "He's been chased", "He's been possessed and been obsessed", and finally, accompanied by a hand-drawn image of an older Indy on horseback..."And he's back for more."

The images are never-before-seen artwork by artist Drew Struzan, depicting scenes from the Indy flicks.

Promising a "Memorial Day 2008" release, the booklet gives an early peek at Lucas and Spielberg's plans to link their new film with the classic trilogy. Most certainly, it will prove as valuable on eBay tomorrow as the Ark itself.