Comic-Con: 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' Drops Anchor At The Show

Vulcans, Jedi and Potter-heads are likely to find themselves surrounded by swashbucklers this weekend in San Diego, as Disney has unveiled a "Pirates of the Caribbean" display that is already one of the most buzzed-about at Comic-Con.

Appropriately enough, the 40-foot-long Black Pearl replica has inspired epic lines while promoting the epic trilogy. Inside the ship's sand and barnacle interior, one-of-a-kind outfits belonging to Depp, Knightley and Keith Richards sit alongside statuettes of the characters, complex ships made from building blocks, and dozens of candid photos shot on-set by Jerry Bruckheimer.

The most valuable piece of booty? Well, even crazier than the $900 couture t-shirt with skulls and the replica Jack Sparrow rings is a solid gold statuette of Depp's legendary character. Only 50 exist in the world, and they are as priceless as all the pieces of 8 combined.

And oh yeah, those are here too.

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