The Dailies: July 26, 2007

WatchmenIron Man doesn't need no stinking batmobile to get around. Plus, J.J.'s monster movie may just have a title plus the Hulk's got another villain to tangle with, all that and more in your dailies.

- So what does an "Iron Man" drive? Apparently, an Audi. (Variety)

- Guy Ritchie continues to try to make us forget "Swept Away." He's lined up to direct "The Gamekeeper." (Variety)

- John Singleton takes over Halle Berry's "Tulia." (

- There's a new poster out for "Saw IV" and it's disgusting. Surprised? (Bloody Disgusting)

- Is that mysterious J.J. Abrams film going to be called "Monstrous"? (Ain't It Cool)

- "The Incredible Hulk" has a new villain and it's Tim Blake Nelson. (Hollywood Reporter)