Comic-Con: 20 Minutes Of 'Beowulf' Screened

San Diego Comic-ConAs Comic-Con continues, Wednesday evening had comic book legend Neil Gaiman and indie film vet Roger Avary unveiling a groundbreaking 20 minutes of their November release "Beowulf". This is the oldest story in the English language," Gaiman told the crowd of press and VIPs. "And it's told with the most modern technology available," Avary finished.

After a few hundred people strapped on their 3-D glasses, the verdict was in. While scenes featuring Anthony Hopkins and a near-nude Angelina Jolie are astonishingly photo real, the fantasy epic still occassionally suffers the "Dead Eyes" look of Robert Zemeckis' "Polar Express"."It's like being at Disney World," Gaiman said of the revolutionary 3-D experience that's a long way from something like "Freddy's Dead".

The flick, which costs $1 million per minute, is aiming for a PG-13 take on the tale we were all forced to read in high school. "That was my reason for doing this," grinned Avary. "I wanted to make it easier or future generations."