Sneak Peek At Comic-Con's 'Golden Compass' Booth

Our team is on the ground in San Diego, and we're the first inside Comic-Con!

Our friends at New Line were nice enough to sneak us in a side door and let us tour their massive display for December's "The Golden Compass." And to even call it a "booth" is ridiculous, because it's big enough to house the cast of a Steve Martin family film.

The Golden Compass booth

While the hall was empty, we ran between a 10-foot-tall statue of Iorek the grizzly bear (he feels fuzzy), displays of one-of-a-kind elaborate costumes worn by Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman, and even got to hold the Golden Compass itself (it weighs like 8 pounds!).

Some 140,000 people will come through here this weekend, see these props and get their photos inserted in the film's poster. And after experiencing it all, I can honestly say it's a glorious geek necessity this weekend.

Check out our photos of the "Golden Compass" booth.