Damon Moves Forward With Soderbergh's 'Informant'

Matt DamonIf Matt Damon could be said to have a specialty, it's in playing characters who aren't necessarily what they seem: the janitor who's actually a super-genius, the charming extrovert who happens to be a homicidal maniac, the police officer whose true allegiance lies with the Boston Mob. If you think those guys are duplicitous, the Oscar-winner grinned, wait'll you get a load of his next character, Mark Whitacre.

"This one [is more two-faced] than ever before," Damon said, smiling.

Whitacre is the central character in "The Informant," a movie Damon and director Steven Soderbergh have "been trying to get made for years," he said (information on the movie, scattered across the internet, began popping up in 2003), but which the pair will finally begin filming "starting April 15th," Damon revealed.

A former Division President with Archer Daniels Midland, a Fortune 500 company which in 2006 took in $36.6 BILLION in revenue, Whitacre turned whistleblower, becoming the highest ranking executive to ever wear a wire for the FBI. But all was not as noble as it seemed, Damon reported. "[There was] a price-fixing scandal at Archer Daniels Midland, which is a huge American company in Illinois, and this guy, this young executive, wore a wire for the FBI for two years and built the case against them," Damon revealed of his character. "But the guy was really interesting; he turned out to be kind of a pathological liar about a bunch of stuff."

While Whitacre was helping the FBI, he was also simultaneously defrauding ADM out of $9 million, (Read more about Whitacre and the case here) making him, insisted Damon, "a really great character."

Due to the start date of "The Informant" Damon was unsure whether he'd be able to star in Paul Greengrass's "Imperial Life in the Emerald City," a movie that will take a critical look at the American reconstruction in Iraq. "I'm hoping to," he insisted. "[But] there's a little question as to whether or not the schedule will work."

Either way, whether it's Greengrass or Soderbergh, Damon knows he'll be good hands with his next director.

"I'm getting a chance to work with [directors who] are really just so good, and I learn so much watching them," Damon asserted, adding with a wide grin. "And they're my friends, so I want to work basically every chance I can get."