'Baby Mama' Delivers Up Steve Martin

Steve MartinNormally known as a leading man in movies like "Cheaper by the Dozen" and "The Pink Panther," legendary comedian Steve Martin hasn't appeared in a non-starring movie role since 1986's "Little Shop of Horrors." "Saturday Night Live" mastermind Lorne Michaels told us, however, that all that is about to change.

"We have a movie that Tina [Fey], Amy [Poehler] and Dax Shepard, Greg Kinnear, Steve Martin and a bunch of others are in called 'Baby Mama,'" Michaels said of the flick, which has developed into something of an "SNL" reunion. "That movie should be coming out in the spring."

The film stars Fey as a busy single gal who hires Poehler's character to be a surrogate mother. The in-production flick features Kinnear as the local hunk who sparks up a romance with Fey, while "ER" veteran Maura Tierney has been cast as Fey's supportive sister, a mother of two. The comedy also features Sigourney Weaver and Romany Malco, but it's Martin's rare supporting performance that seems destined to be the stand-out.

"He did a couple of days on it," grinned Michaels, adding that the flick is aiming to be as funny as it is timely.

Michaels is currently preparing for the next season of "Saturday Night Live" (Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James was recently announced as the host of the opener), and will soon have the off-kilter flick "Hot Rod" in theaters, starring his latest "SNL" discovery, Andy Samberg. "Baby Mama" will mark the directorial debut of "Austin Powers" series writer Michael McCullers.