'Harry Potter' Casting Rumors Untrue, Say Actors' Reps

Naomi Watts"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" may be treating the worldwide box office like a Malfoy treats a house-elf, but producers are already moving forward with casting for the series' sixth installment, "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince," report several websites, all of whom indicate that Naomi Watts, Joseph Fiennes, and Stuart Townsend are set to soon join our intrepid Hogwarts heroes.

But these would-be Rita Skeeters might need to give their sources a healthy dose of Veritaserum - that is, if you believe representatives for the actors in question, all of whom unequivocally denied their clients' involvement.

"Not true," declared representatives for Naomi Watts, who was rumored to be playing the role of Narcissa Malfoy (and we think she'd do an awesome job, by the way. Heck, we picked her for the role last month!)

"These reports are not true," echoed representatives for Joseph Fiennes. "Not true" was also stated by Townsend's reps.

Beyond Watts, who seems a perfect fit for the somewhat remorseful Death Eater, it is unclear what roles these rumored actors would even play in the first place, although Fiennes could be a match for young Tom Riddle, while Townsend perhaps could fill the shoes of Bill Weasley.

Unfortunately, it looks like we'll never get to know. But what do you think? Are our sources being coy? Who do you think Fiennes and Townsend would play? Sound off below! (And while you're at it, help us cast "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince," here.