If You Have The Cash, You Too Can Disassemble Johnny 5

Johnny 5The virtual bazaar known as eBay has been home to human organs, teenage virginity and Corey Haim's teeth, but today has brought news of, by far and wide, the greatest auction of them all. Ladies and gentlemen, for the starting bid of a mere $100,000, you can be the proud owner of the only original full-size Johnny 5 robot from "Short Circuit" and "Short Circuit 2." Yes, it's true, the very same mechanical creation that called Steve Guttenberg daddy, danced with Ally Sheedy and outfoxed G.W. Bailey can greet your business clients, hold your laundry or simply scare off burglers with its menagerie of powerful lasers.

Zany adventures with your new robot friend are just around the corner, so click here to bid now.