Famed Inventor Spawns Superhero In 'Edison And Leo'

Gregory SmithMost actors get excited when talking about their upcoming projects, but none have ever been as "animated" as Gregory Smith, who will lend his voice talents to the stop-motion "Edison and Leo," where he will play the main character Leo, the 24-year-old "The Dark is Rising" star revealed exclusively to MTV News.

Just don't ask him to tell you who else is in it. "This was literally my first day today, and I was all by myself," he laughed when we caught up with him on Monday. "[I don't know.] I haven't even thought about talking about it!"

Likened by Smith to "A Nightmare Before Christmas," "Edison and Leo" has a plot that's "almost impossible to describe," he said. "It is about a character named George Edison, who is loosely based on Thomas Edison, and his relationship with his son, Leo," Smith explained. "His son is accidentally electrocuted as a child so he son grows up as Electric Boy. He can't touch anyone without electrocuting them, and that is sort of the set up for these zany, crazy adventures that follow."

For Smith, the experience of staring in an animated film is a totally new one. "I have been lucky to do several films, but I have never done anything like this before in my life," Smith said chuckling. "You just throw [your experience] out the window because it is a totally different ball game."