Who Will Watch The 'Watchmen'? I Will

WatchmenWe've been eagerly anticipating official word on casting for "Watchmen" like everybody else for months now. And I, for one, feel like I've been through an emotional ringer already, before even a single frame of film has been shot (no, I'm not counting that test footage hidden in the "300" trailer).

Zack Snyder on board to direct? Great! Tom Cruise is Ozymandias? Yes! Tom passes? No! Keanu is Dr. Manhattan! Yes! Keanu doesn't want to be Dr. Manhattan! No! Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach? Um, I guess that's right but I dunno. Patrick Wilson as Nite Owl? Didn't Nite Owl have a potbelly and nerdy glasses? Hmm.

But now, there's word of casting I can truly support and it might surprise you. According to various reports, Matthew Goode is Ozymandias.

Matthew who? Goode is the young British actor who may be best known for romancing Mandy Moore in a silly little thing called "Chasing Liberty." But trust me on this, rent Woody Allen's "Match Point" and better yet, the little seen "The Lookout" and thank me later. The latter performance in particular knocked me back earlier this year and had me talking up Goode to friends just a few days ago randomly.

In other "Watchmen" news, it looks like Malin Akerman is set to play Silk Spectre. What do you think? Discuss.