'Harry Potter' Redux: Which Other Role Would Radcliffe Want?

Elisha CuthbertOver the last six years, "Harry Potter" stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint have literally grown up before our eyes, transforming from 11-year-old wizards in "Sorcerer's Stone" to full-blown teenagers capable of taking on Lord Voldemort in "Order of the Phoenix." They've not only become old hands at playing Harry Potter and his best friend Ron Weasley -- they've actually, in a very real sense, become Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. Video games, promotional art, and a whole generation of readers have used their faces and likenesses when envisioning the famous characters.

But what if we gave Dan and Rupert a couple of time-turners (and a healthy batch of Hermione's Polyjuice Potion, of course)? If they could choose any character in the Harry Potter universe, which one other than their own would they like to play? We asked the boys that very question.

"Sirius Black," Radcliffe exclaimed quickly. "If I were older. I'd never do it as well as what he's done, [but] I'd do everything that Gary Oldman [does]." It's not surprising that Radcliffe would choose the elder Gryffindor -- Harry's godfather is perhaps the most overtly heroic character in the series outside of, well, Harry himself. But, then, what to make of Grint's choice?

"Snape's really cool," he told us. "There are so many [to choose from] but, yeah, probably him."

Either villain or hero, there's no denying that Snape's probably the most "real" character in the books -- and, while it would have been his choice to play him had things been different, Grint said it's a credit to actor Alan Rickman that he brings all those nuances to the front. "I really like Alan Rickman," Grint enthused. "I think he does [Snape] perfectly, his voice is just perfect. I don't know how I could do it [better]."