Aaron Eckhart Says He Is Two-Face And That He And Ledger Are 'D'Accord'

Aaron Eckhart recently confirmed to us for the first time that he will indeed be appearing as Two-Face in "The Dark Knight." As I promised in my earlier post, there are a couple more tidbits I got from Eckhart in my chat. For the full Aaron Eckhart Q&A, just click here or watch him for yourself below.

If you didn't want to watch it in living color, read the gist after the jump.

-- He's playing Harvey Dent AND Harvey Two-Face. Both appear in the film. 

-- Eckhart won't say if he's got a scarred coin at any point in the film but check out that smile when I ask him. Read into it as you will.

-- Eckhart leaves half of his script in his hotel and keeps half with him at all times. He says the script isn't going to be leaked by him.

-- He talks about the one scene he's most dying to do. It films in October and he's pretty coy about what it's about. Watch the tape and you'll see.

-- Finally he dodges whether he's worked with Ledger but says they've conversed and that they are "both as the French say, 'd'accord.'" 

And for those of you who believe this is a last second cameo at the end of the film teasing his real emergence in the third, well I tend to doubt it. Think about it. Clearly Warner Bros. gave Eckhart the go ahead to say he plays Two-Face (I barely had to ask him, he really volunteered the information). They wouldn't let him do that if it's just a last second reveal. My gut says we'll be seeing a decent amount of the conflicted villain in the new flick. 

Does Eckhart have what it take to be a worthy Batman villain? What do you want to see in "The Dark Knight"? Sound off below.