Will Danny Boyle Direct A '28 Weeks Later' Sequel?

He didn't exactly say he would in the below clip from Kurt Loder's recent interview, but we sure get the sense that Danny Boyle has the itch. Are we reading too much into this or not? You be the judge. But check out how jazzed he sounds as he talks about directing second unit on "28 Weeks Later." And he does acknowledge that "there is an idea" for a sequel. Come on Danny! Go for it!

Our man, Mr. Loder, spent a lot of quality time with Danny Boyle resulting in a pretty awesome Q&A with the "Sunshine" director. Read the full Boyle interview here or watch the interview in living color here. You'll see Boyle weigh in on the sequel he wants to do for "Trainspotting," why he thinks there's never sex in space movies, and the always scintillating much, much more.