'The Big Lebowski 2: The Adventures of Donnie'?

There's been a bit of chatter lately -- courtesy of a John Turturro interview in ESPN Magazine -- about a "Big Lebowski" sequel of sorts. It seems we might not have hear the last of Turturro's notorious bowling ball licking Jesus character. At least that's what he hopes (and so do we). So where does Steve Buscemi stand on a "Lebowski" sequel? He told us he's all for it, but since his character is dead (remember what happened to poor Donnie's ashes?) he has another concept in mind for the Coen brothers. "You could have the prequel to 'The Big Lebowski'" Buscemi said. So whose story would this be? Buscemi's got it covered. "It could be the life of Donnie the surfer because remember, he not only bowls, he surfs."

That's all well and good, but when is Steve going to show up for one of those "Big Lebowski" festivals that are getting increasingly popular? Watch Buscemi's hilarious and completely unambiguous answer below.