Zac Efron Wink-Gate '07 Continues: Tisdale Weighs In

Woodward and Bernstein had Nixon. I have Zac Efron's wink. I OWN THIS STORY like it's nobody's business. You've seen the famous "Hairspray" wink. You've read my thoughtful analysis. Yesterday, you heard the from the man himself, his Efron-ness.

But no, that's not the end. We're still eight days until the release of "Hairspray" and you can be sure the stars are going to be reacting to the wink that shook the world between now and then. Witness Zac's "High School Musical" co-star Ashley Tisdale. Watch below as Ashley reveals that the wink will be returning in "High School Musical 2." She also calls his technique "clean and crisp" even as she attempts her own poor imitation. Thanks for trying, Ashley. We still love ya.

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