'Superbad' Star Jonah Hill Nixes 'Watchmen' Rumors

The hottest Hollywood casting buzz these days is surrounding "Watchmen," the highly-anticipated graphic novel adaptation that will reportedly star Jude Law, Keanu Reeves, Patrick Wilson, Gerard Butler and..."Knocked Up" rising star Jonah Hill?

Well, you can scratch that last one.

In his first public comments on the casting rumors, the affable funnyman told us that he's never even been approached about the big-budget project. "This is like an Internet thing supposedly; I mean, it's all hearsay," said the star, whose so-funny-it-shouldn't-be-legal flick "Superbad" opens August 17th. "I haven't heard anything about it. People have sent me articles about it, saying that I'm going to be in 'Watchmen'...whatever." Watch Hill respond in the video below, or read his comments after the jump.

With the interest of his "Superbad" co-star Michael Cera piqued, the "Arrested Development" veteran asked: "What's that? What's the Watchmen?"

"It's like this great book; a graphic novel," Hill explained to Cera. "The guy who directed '300,' I guess, is making it."

That would be red-hot filmmaker Zack Snyder, who will indeed be attending the San Diego Comic-Con at the end of the month, and is expected to finally end the speculation by announcing the names of those who'll be joining him on the Canada set in September. But, according to the 23-year-old Hill, his name won't be among those listed.

"I guess they just started all these rumors on the Internet that I was going to be in 'Watchmen'," he added, offering Snyder a good-natured refusal: "If you guys want to put me in there, you should give me a call...and I could say 'No' on the phone."

The actor was rumored to be cast as Seymour, assistant to jaded "New Frontiersman" newspaper editor Hector Godfrey. But his statement that he's never even been approached about "Watchmen" would seem to cast major doubts on the second wave of casting rumors from Film Ick, which listed everyone from Hill to Kate Winslet to Jason Patrick, Thomas Jane, Gretchen Mol and Jeremy Irons.

Hill did, however, express excitement over the fact that flicks like "Knocked Up" and the buzz-heavy "Superbad" have taken his career to a level where he's being rumored for blockbuster superhero films. "I guess it's like, kind of a cool thing that you've maybe become recognizable enough that there are rumors about you being in a movie on the Internet," he grinned, offering a message to his fans. "So, thanks for thinking of me."