Sam Rockwell Hopes To Boldly Go To 'Trek' Film

William Shatner as Captain Kirk in 'Star Trek: The Original Series'This is how you measure progress: eight years after playing a "red-shirt" in "Galaxy Quest," Sam Rockwell told MTV News that he's ready to trade up for a green the legendary Captain Kirk in J.J. Abrams' new "Star Trek."

"I would love to play Captain Kirk. That's a great part," the actor gushed, adding -- with a nod towards "Galaxy Quest" -- "Great costumes!"

But there's more to playing Kirk than the right wardrobe, Rockwell mused. There's. Also. The. (Long Pause) Halting. Voice. "I would love to be a William Shatner reincarnation," Rockwell insisted. "[But] I don't know if I could copy Bill Shatner. I mean, he's just too genius. I don't know if I could copy that cadence." (After the jump, read Rockwell's casting suggestions, and see a video of his impersonating Shatner's classic style alongside our own Tim Kash).

Rockwell's only rumored for the role, of course, but that didn't stop him from casting the whole crew of the Starship Enterprise, so enthusiastic was he about the possibility.

Rockwell on Spock: "Who's gonna be Spock? Jason Shwartzman should be Spock, baby!"

Rockwell on Uhura: "Forget about it, yeah. Definitely [Halle Berry.]"

Rockwell on Sulu: "And Sulu, who's gonna be Sulu? I dunno. Maybe just change it to a woman and get Lucy Liu, or someone like that."

Would you be as enthusiastic as Rockwell is about the possibility of the "Matchstick Men" star playing Kirk? What about the rest of his dream cast? Sound off below.