Paris Hilton: 'Die Hard' Super-Villain?

Alan Rickman, Timothy Olyphant, William Sadler...look, you guys are great. Love the mugging. Dig the accents. But let's face it, you're not what the "Die Hard" series needs. You're not real-life badasses (I've seen you in "Truly Madly Deeply," Mr. Rickman. Tisk, tisk).

No, Justin Long and I agree, what the "Die Hard" series needs most moving forward is a real-life convict, someone hard, someone who's actually been to jail, someone who can be a real foil for John McClane.

"Paris Hilton!" Long enthused. Wait, what? "I would like to see Paris Hilton be the bad guy [in "Die Hard 5”]," Long joked with MTV News. "That would be fun. Let her play a diabolical, super-scientist or something like that." The hotel heiress even bears a remarkable resemblance to a former "Die Hard" baddie, Long pointed out. "Let's face it, she is sort of like the female Jeremy Irons," he said, laughing.

Who would you like to see match wits with John McClane? Chime in below.