Emmerich Heads Back In Time For '10000 B.C.'

Where do you go after you've destroyed the world not once, but three times, most recently with "The Day After Tomorrow"? How about to thousands of days before yesterday? That's where director Roland Emmerich is heading with "10000 B.C.," a prehistoric epic about the travels of a 21-year-old hunter (Steven Strait) that castmember Cliff Curtis told MTV News will be as mammoth as the beasts he hunts.

"It's big," he enthused with a grin. "Huge!" Curtis' role is a familiar one to fans of sprawling epics. "I'm sort of like a Gandolf type, sort of [an] Obi-Wan Kenobi figure. I'm the mentor. But without any sort of magical powers."

Forget magical powers, everyone who's ever seen "Star Wars" or "The Lord of the Rings" knows that mentors aren't judged by the weight of their wands, but by the length of their beards. The star of movies like "Blow" and "Three Kings," Curtis nearly jumped when asked if his will measure up. "I have long hair and a beard," Curtis exclaimed. "And a big stick!"

"10000 B.C." is slated to open on March 7, 2008.