Does Indy Best McClane and Rambo? Shia Says Yes

As he steps foot on the set of "Indiana Jones 4” this week, a nervously excited Shia LaBeouf has a message for John McClane, Rambo, Rocky, and all the other 80's-era action stars who are trying to make a comeback. "This is so different, dude," he said. "This isn't 'Rambo' or 'Die Hard.' You're talking about different class levels."

The recently-turned-21 "Transformers" star told us that, in the grand scheme of cinematic history, those other iconic characters wish they could hold a candle to Harrison Ford's adventuring archeologist. "'Die Hard' isn't looked at the same way as 'Indiana Jones.' Nor is 'Rambo,' or any of those movies," he insisted. "'Indiana Jones' is like one of the best movies ever made; 'Raiders' is like one of the best films ever created, action or not. It's a whole different vibe."

With that in mind, the young star admitted that he is getting jittery about the first time he'll stand on a soundstage opposite that legendary character in the fedora. Despite the success of "Disturbia" earlier this year, and "Surf's Up" and "Transformers" this summer, LaBeouf knows that working with messieurs Ford, Spielberg and Lucas will take things to a whole different level. "Look, there's no way of knowing [how I'll do]," he grinned. "I know that I'm nervous as hell now."

Do you think Indy is better than McClane and Rambo? Post your thoughts in the comments section!

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