School's In Session With Ice Cube For 'Welcome Back Kotter'

From hard-core gansta rapper to family-friendly movie star, Ice Cube has gone through a fair share of reinvention over the last fifteen years. "Welcome Back Kotter," The Frozen One's dramatic update of the iconic 70's TV show, isn't going to be one of them, he insisted.

"When it came out it wasn't as sitcomy as it may [have felt]. It was a little hard edge. I mean, it dealt with kids skipping school...all kinds of stuff that you really didn't see," Cube told us on the set of his next flick "First Sunday." "They would talk about real life stuff, so I thought it was true to what the nature of the series to do same thing."

Gabe Kaplan's Mr. Kotter was a former troublemaker who returned to his old high school to teach a rag-tag bunch of rejects (among them, a young John Travolta). Cube's movie would take the same basic approach, he said, but would be set in the inner city with a more realistic, edgier tone. "I think that's how it can be accepted as a new thing if we go more dramatic with it - dramatic with comedic overtones that makes the ride a little easier," Cube contended. "Make it more dramatic and not so, 'Up your nose with a rubber hose type s--t!'"

Despite the darker tone, Ice Cube confessed he's hopeful some of the original cast come back, including Travolta. "Yeah, you know, I'd love him to do a cameo," he said. "I would love for all the guys to do a little cameo here and there. We'll see."

"I don't know if that's going to end up being my next movie or not. It needs work," Cube added.

Stay tuned to for a report from the set of "First Sunday," with Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan, in the coming weeks.

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