The Dailies: June 26, 2007

It's another big, shiny day in Tinseltown, with news on Indiana Jones, "Iron Man," 50 Cent, and hard-working up-and-comers Shia LaBeouf and Gerard Butler.

- "Disturbia" duo Shia LaBeouf and D.J. Caruso in talks to get the band back together for thriller "Eagle Eye" (Hollywood Reporter)

- "Iron Man" may have snagged another Oscar winner, as Hilary Swank potentially shoots a cameo during the film's final days (SuperHeroHype)

- Shaking off the "Swept Away"/"Revolver" double debacle, Mr. Madonna Guy Ritchie will team with Gerard Butler, the new Hardest Working Man in Show Business. (JoBlo)

- Germans may love David Hasselhoff, but they are apparently less enthusiastic when it comes to Tom Cruise. (Dark Horizons)

- "I just want to say break a leg, and have a good shoot" - Spielberg and Lucas kick off their 4th "Indy" film with this must-see video. (