Casting Call: Who Should Play Hugh Hefner?

In a strange way, it's kind of fitting that Brett Ratner is going to direct a biopic about Hugh Hefner, titled "Playboy." After all, if you can't score an invite to the mansion to rub elbows with Pauly Shore and Stephen Dorff, isn't the next best thing dropping by Chez Ratner for some quality time in a photobooth with Bob Evans?

So with "Playboy" looking to get the fast track to your local multiplex (by the way, how is it that Larry Flynt got Milos Forman and Hef gets the director of "After the Sunset"?), let's do some casting, shall we? Who should play Hef? How about...

Ewan McGregor --  The only thing stopping us from loving this idea is Ewan tends to fall a little flat when he goes American ("Stay" still makes us sleepy thinking about it).

Hugh Jackman -- He's got more charm in his pinky than Jude Law's got in his Alfie wannabe body. Plus Ratner and Hugh seemed to get along alright on "X-Men 3."

Owen Wilson -- He's the butterscotch stallion people! And judging from my subscription to US Weekly he's been preparing for the role all his life.

David Duchovny -- He projects intelligence and a sexy subversive edge. But is he bankable without Gillian Anderson by his side?

Johnny Depp -- We're not really sure why except that we know he'll do something interesting with it.

Russell Crowe -- When you want a hit of testosterone from your leading man, who do you turn to if not Crowe?

Jake Gyllenhaal -- Because he's up for everything nowadays and our gut says they go younger than the 40somethings we'd prefer.

Seann William Scott -- He's got the mischeivious grin and...well he grins. Did we mention that? With our luck, he'll probably get the job.

So who should put on some pajama pants and suit up for the role of a lifetime? If you were casting a new Hugh Hefner, who would it be? Weigh in below.