Director Gets 'Unsettled' At Movie Premiere

Yesterday was one of the most incredible days of the 800 or so days of my life that have been dedicated to Unsettled. With no marketing budget and no staff except for my friend and co-producer Tony, we sold out three screenings and over 500 tickets to the New York City premiere, at the IFC Center (watch our exclusive coverage of the event here). Somehow it seemed like everyone I knew in New York came out -- friends from high school and college, summer camp and past co-workers (including a strong showing from the MTV crew -- thanks guys!) -- and they brought their friends, their parents, even blind dates.

Today more than anything else I feel grateful for everyone who worked so hard to help with our grassroots marketing effort -- in the no-budget indie film world your friends are pretty much the only resource you can depend on.

We managed to get articles in the NY Sun and AM New York this week in advance of the premiere, and I think my greatest memory from the NYC premiere will be a Spanish guy named Adrian who came up to me at the after party and gave me a huge bear hug. "I don't know you or anybody else here," he said, "and I'm from another part of the world, but I am so glad I read about "Unsettled" and got to see it. This film crosses all cultural borders and I hope people all over the world will see it." I'll never be able to communicate to him how much it meant to hear this from a complete stranger, but as I keep fighting to convince film distributors that there is an audience for this film -- and that "Unsettled" isn't just about the Middle East -- it's about kids and the difficult conflicts between religion and democracy -- Adrian and his bear hug will be in the back of my mind.