Sandler Settles In For 'Bedtime'

While some people enjoyed "Click" more than others, count me among those who'd like to see Adam Sandler take on some additional high-concept comedies. That's why, when I heard the latest details on his next project, I got more excited than a man has a right to be.

"I am doing a movie with Adam Sandler," "Hairspray" director Adam Shankman told us. "It's called 'Bedtime Stories.'" The flick will once again cast Sandler as an architect (what's up with that?), but this time he'll be engaging in the sci-fi/fantasy adventures of a dreamer whose over-the-top bedtime tales begin coming true.

"It's like a cross between 'Liar Liar' and 'The Princess Bride', pushed all together in the same movie," explained Shankman, who also cited Tim Burton's "Big Fish" as an influence. "It's going to be crazy, and really fun."

When asked about the plot, an excited Shankman coughed up a few rough details about equipping the former Canteen Boy with a lance and suit of armor. "He plays someone in the real world, and someone in the fairy-tale world, and so he has to be a knight and battle dragons, and has to do a lot of other crazy stuff," he revealed. "It's a big Disney movie that puts him in with kids, talking, like 'Big Daddy' did. It’s a comedy, with a lot of CG elements."

Shankman plans to begin shooting the film later this summer, and insisted that no additional actors have been cast. "Nope, not yet," he said. Still, we've got our money on a Rob Schneider cameo in there somewhere...wonder if he can joust?