The Dailies: June 22, 2007

It's another linktastic day as Alicia Keys becomes a movie exec, Shatner gets angry, "Indy" fans get vocal and more.

- DreamWorks to bring genie-filled children's book "Children of the Lamp" to the big-screen. (Hollywood Reporter)

- Weinstein loves them some Hong Kong action flicks. Will develop three. (Variety)

- Feast your eyes on the first photo from Frank Darabont's "The Mist." (USA Today)

- Shatner reportedly pissed that Nimoy's in, he's out for new "Trek" movie. (PR-inside)

- Morgan Freeman joins Nelson Mandela biopic in title role. (Variety)

- Alicia Keys: Movie Producer. (Variety)

- Nerd fury erupts as fans petition for Connery's return in "Indy 4." (BringBackConnery)

- Angela Bassett joins Tyler Perry's "Meet the Browns." (Hollywood Reporter)