First Look: 'Saw IV'

Jigsaw is gone, but his monstrous reign lives on in the very first photo released from "Saw IV."

Talking with MTV News, director Darren Lynn Bousman and star Tobin Bell confirmed that Jigsaw was most certainly dead, but also that the movie takes place chronologically after "Saw III," and that Bell has as much screen time in this flick as he did in the previous installments.

So what to make of this image? (Click for full-size version)

The bloody message, the paparazzi-like photos on the wall, the clock above, and the bizarre chair (which forces the sitter to look forward), almost certainly all point to a torture device and an unwitting victim, most likely the blond girl in the pictures (the high heels, for one, are a dead giveaway).

What is it that the sadistic Jigsaw sees that he wants her to see as well? Is she a prostitute? She is standing alongside different cars in many of the pictures, and she's dressed provocatively in all of them. We know Jigsaw only tortures people whom he thinks don't appreciate life. We don't know what it is he wants her to discover, but we do know she has a little less than an hour an a half to find out (89 minutes and 16 seconds to be precise). Her life depends on it.

If I'm right and that's how much time she has left, than she'll clearly be the focus of the film. Perhaps Jigsaw then appears in flashbacks? Perhaps she knew him before he got sick? Who is the bearded man with the sunglasses in two of the pictures? Who is the kid? Does anyone else find it funny that one of the books on her shelf is titled "Sleeping Murder"?

The pic raises more questions than it answers.

See what I see?

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