Elijah Kelly Parties On After 'Hairspray'

Put on your dancing shoes, pick out your best outfit, and BYOB. A breakout star in the upcoming "Hairspray," Elijah Kelley will next be holding down the starring role in "Party Up," a high school comedy he describes as a "cross between 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' and the 'House Party' series."

"Well, basically [my character] wants to throw the biggest party ever," Kelley said of the film's plot. "Everybody's parents are going out of town. It's going to be like a big neighborhood block party." Sporting an ear to ear grin, the young actor told MTV News he "just found out" that he was attached to the project. But all is not smiles for his character, he said.

"He has different obstacles in his way. He has to con everybody into coming to his party," Kelley laughingly divulged. "You know, getting everybody to skip school, getting everybody's houses. [Stuff] like that." In addition to his rapidly ascending film career, Kelley reported he's hard at work at crossing over into music as well. "I'm doing an album, working diligently so hopefully a single will be out in the fall," he said. " I've been working with a lot of great people. I have a single out that I wrote and produced with Omarion, and I got to work with Diana Ross last year."