Chris Evans Acknowledges 'Fantastic Four' Failings, But Sees Growth Ahead

It's been called "silly," an "aesthetically unnecessary sequel," a movie "sentient humans should [avoid]." Our own Josh Horowitz labeled it "the worst superhero franchise ever."

Have patience, "Fantastic Four" star Chris Evans implored. Talking with MTV's Tim Kash, Evans was remarkably candid about the failings of the first two films, and equally hopeful that, given a chance, the future for the first family of crime-fighting would be a bright one. "It's tricky when you're working with a gigantic film like this...there's a lot of cooks in the kitchen, a lot of people that have their input. Some people's opinions are stronger than others, and sometimes you lose. But I think that we're getting there," he declared. "I still think the potential of this has not been reached. I still think this can be something great, and I think we are getting closer. We're all making revisions."

In a golden age for comic book films, where characters like Batman, Spider-Man, and the X-Men wrestle with adult themes and complex dilemmas, fans have derided the "Fantastic Four" for being too kid-friendly, for being geared towards an "audience [that] appears to be Cartoon Network fans."

Let your dissenting voices ring from the mountaintops, Evans pleaded. "I think I'd just like to see the characters grow up. I like to see them more mature. I think that we're starting to see [with "Rise of the Silver Surfer"] that if we give these guys depth -- if we don't shy away from taking a more serious tone -- it will still work, it will still be a family movie. We can make it real," he asserted. "I think that if this movie does ok and people respond with the appreciation of a more serious tone, hopefully [with] the third one we can inch closer to a legitimate cast and a legitimate film."

With a more serious tone, Evans was adamant that "by round three, we really [will] be able to knock something out of the park."

In keeping with his hopes for a more serious tone, Evans suggested that for sequel number two the "Fantastic Four" could fight The Puppet Master, a villain which would give their battles a more dramatic undercurrent...because he is the father of Thing's girlfriend, Alicia Masters. "Chiky [Michael Chiklis] does such a good job with The Thing," Evans contended. "I think they should throw him a couple more bones with the plot and let him show some more depth [for part three]."

It's gonna happen. There will be a "Fantastic Four 3." Where would you like to see the franchise go? Do you now like Chris Evans roughly 8,000 times more? Sound off below.