The Dailies: June 20, 2007

Frank Miller and Clive Owen together again, collaborating on a Raymond Chandler story no less? That and a special "Harry Potter" first look highlight our links of the day. (For those unfamiliar with the legendary Chandler, by the way, check out some of his best quotes here.)

- Take a virtual tour of 12 Grimmauld Place, headquarters for The Order of the Phoenix. (IGN)

- Frank Miller to walk down mean streets, adapt noir master Raymond Chandler's "Trouble Is My Business" as starring vehicle for Clive Owen. (Variety)

- Fox whips up new poster for "The Simpsons Movie." Mmmm, whip. (Coming Soon)

- Jim Broadbent confirms "Indy 4" casting. (Brit Films)

- Dreamworks "In Deep," developing comedy script for Ben Stiller. (Hollywood Reporter)

- Name's Forster. Marc Forster. "Finding Neverland" director to helm next Bond flick. (MTV News)

- Michael Apted named director for third Naria film, "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader." (MTV News)

- Next "Pirates" to go sci-fi, send Captain Jack to Atlantis? (Cinema Blend)