All Hail The Rat King: Turturro Preps For 'Nutcracker' Musical

Judging by her ripe old age of 9, chances are that Elle Fanning isn't yet allowed to watch the Coen Bros. curse-fest "The Big Lebowski." Nevertheless, the pint-sized sister to power player Dakota is getting ready to f-ck with the Jesus (any "Lebowski" fans out there?).

"I'm going to do a film this summer, a huge film, a big film that's kind of a Grimm fairy tale," actor John Turturro said to MTV News over the weekend, discussing his next gig. "It'll have dancing and music, and be an adaptation of 'The Nutcracker.'" The flick is called "Nutcracker: The Untold Story", and is a $65 million musical to be directed by Russian filmmaker Andrei Konchalovsky. Legendary "Aladdin" tunesmith Tim Rice is currently hard at work on eight new songs for the flick, which begins filming July 16th.

"It's a really good script," said Turturro, who can be seen in next month's "Transformers" flick. "I will be tap-dancing and singing, and doing the whole thing with Nathan Lane and Elle Fanning cast as the young girl." The veteran character actor will step into the role of a 1920's Vienna bad guy, and is looking forward to commanding an army of furry friends. "I have a really great part," revealed Turturro. "I'm going to play the Rat King."

Based on the 116-year-old fairy tale ballet by Pyotr Illyich Tchikovsky — which spins the tale of a girl whose Christmas celebration finds her frolicking alongside living, twirling wooden dolls — "The Nutcracker" has been interpreted for the big-screen numerous times. Originally filmed in 1925 as a rare cartoon that had sound, it would later be re-interpreted for the Walt Disney classic "Fantasia", a 1979 stop-motion puppet version starring Christopher Lee, and a 1990 version voiced by Keifer Sutherland. Bizarrely enough, pop-culture characters Barbie and The Care Bears have also starred in their own versions of Tchikovsky's classic.

Turturro confirmed that the flick will be a live-action musical, and will tap into the skills that he's used in such past films as "Romance and Cigarettes." "I'll be singing and dancing," he grinned.