Movie Trailer: 'I Am Legend'

One of the films I absolutely can't wait for is "I Am Legend," the latest in a long chain of adaptations of Richard Matheson's classic novel (the one that spawned Charlton Heston's "The Omega Man"). The movie follows Will Smith in a post-apocalyptic landscape; the last man alive in a sea of vampires. Most of the flick takes place in New York City, and much was shot here as well, including the single most expensive single scene in Manhattan's history...a $5 million city-wide evacuation over the Brooklyn Bridge. Earlier last year, when I worked in the downtown area, Warner Bros. transformed the streets around my office building into sets for "I Am Legend," bringing in acres of fake trees, overgrown weeds, dirtied abandoned cars and other signs of NYC post-destruction. It was awesome.

But anyway, gawk at the trailer after the jump, and then begin the countdown to the December 14th release of "I Am Legend."