Zac Efron's Wink May Save The World

Zac Efron, I have underestimated you for the last time. How was I to know what you could do with the mere batting of an eye? A single eye! We're not even talking about both! I'm sorry, but I'm still reeling and apparently, so are all of you.

What am I talking about? Well, a few days ago we posted an exclusive clip from the eagerly anticipated musical, "Hairspray." Maybe it's the prosthetics or the way he says "is that braised?" but the focus of my attention was on John Travolta. It would seem I am in the minority.

Take a gander at the picture in the upper right and you'll see what is responsible for a slew of comments on our blog ranging from "OMG, I love that wink!" all the way to "Zac's wink is AMAZING!!! He is soooooooo cute!"

We take our Zac Efron/wink analysis seriously here, so after the jump check out some screen captures and commentary that you can pore over to your heart's content.

So here we find Mr. Efron in all his pre-wink glory. Note the intensity in the eyes. They are all but screaming, "I am about to wink for you! Grab hold of something!!!" Contrast that laser-like focus with that strand of hair that just so happens to fall across his brow. This means he is wild and cannot, and shall not, be tamed.

And here we come to the mid-wink phase, a crucial one for any budding teen heartthrob. Efron clearly knows what he's doing. Note the use of his mouth in tandem with the eye. Go ahead and try to execute an adorably cute wink like this without moving your mouth. It won't be pretty. Trust us.

Finally, let's put it all together. Go on, revel in magic that is Efron. Thank us later.