Lucasfilm Promises Marketing Blitzkrieg For 'Indiana Jones 4’

"Indiana Jones 4” may be a year away, but Lucasfilm -- led by the father of modern movie merchandising -- is already gearing up for a promotional onslaught that will stretch from toy lines to fast food.

Like "Star Wars" before it, Hasbro will develop a line of action figures, vehicles and games, with LEGO handling the set-building side of the franchise. LucasArts, for its part, will release "Indiana Jones" video games that will "allow players to live" the famed archaeologist's adventures. Additional companies like Hallmark, Random House, Scholastic and DK Publishing will also tackle "Indiana Jones 4” products ranging from greeting cards to the expected novel adaptation. And in case fans get hungry waiting for the film's May 22, 2008 release, they can snack on "Indy"-branded items from Burger King and MARS (the fellas behind M&Ms). But that's not all...Lucasfilm promises more partners to come.

What would you like to see? Personally, we're saving up for the Short Round bobblehead. Chime in below with your thoughts.