The Dailies: June 15, 2007

Don't forget to call your dad this weekend and say "I love you." But before you do, stroll through our links of the day, with news on "The Dark Knight," "Watchmen," and more.

- Batman's new suit revealed! (Entertainment Weekly)

- Dr. No. Keanu Reeves turns down role of Dr. Manhattan in "Watchmen." (Club Keanu)

- Better luck next time Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp: Oprah named world's most powerful celebrity. (Forbes)

- Like father, like daughter. Rumer Willis joins dad Bruce in "The Sophomore." (Hollywood Reporter)

- This couldn't have come before "Pay it Forward?" Kevin Spacey tells reporters he's finished with film acting, will concentrate on theater. (

- Oh how we love ironical titles. Disney to produce "The Occasionally Interesting Anti-Adventures of an Unnamed Girl," a "Wizard of Oz" type adventure. (Hollywood Reporter)

- "Pray for Mercy!" Antonio Banderas in talks to produce slew of animated films. (Variety)

- "Variety" breaks news on Greg Kinnear flick "Flash of Genius"… a day after we did. (Variety / MTV Movies Blog)