'Incredibles 2’ Not On Jackson's Radar

They can save the world, they just can't get the right story to return. Hyping up his new flick "Ratatouille," director Brad Bird recently told an assembled crowd at WonderCon that he would love to someday revisit Pixar's acclaimed superhero smash hit, "The Incredibles."

But if an "Incredibles" sequel is in the cards, it's certainly news to castmember Samuel L. Jackson. "The last time I heard about [a sequel] was when 'The Incredibles' was coming out," the voice of Frozone insisted. "I haven't heard anything since then."

Jackson's admission is interesting for two reasons: (1) because it acknowledges that folks from the Pixar brain trust were hyping up a sequel even before the first film came out and (2) that despite recent concessions from Bird, talk of a follow-up has died considerably in recent years. Bird is next slated to direct Pixar's first live-action film, an adaptation of "1907" about the famous San Francisco earthquake.

All of which isn't to say that Jackson wouldn't be interested in returning should "Incredibles 2" ever get made, the "Revenge of the Sith" star declared, telling MTV News that he's even got a few potential titles. "[It could be called] 'The Return of The Incredibles' or 'The Incredibles: Part 2,'" he suggested, adding with a big smile. "Or, you know, just 'The Frozone Movie' will do. 'Frozone in the Zone!'"

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