Cusack To Snyder: 'I'm In' For 'Watchmen' Role

Google "Watchmen casting" and you'll likely get a few dozen fansites, each with their own recommendations for who should play the lead characters in Zack Snyder's upcoming adaptation of Alan Moore's legendary graphic novel (including us). But one actor that everyone can agree on is John Cusack, who fans overwhelmingly want to play Dan Dreiberg, the costumed hero better known as Nite Owl. A wide grin across his face, Cusack enthusiastically told MTV News that he's game if Zack is.

Watch Cusack talk "Watchmen" in the video below, or read the full story after the jump.

"So, the people on the internet want me to do it? I haven't read the script nor have I ever met Mr. Snyder. We have to talk to talk to Zack's representatives," Cusack said, adding. "[But] I'm in. Talk to Zack."

The online rumblings have persisted since at least 2003, when AICN posted a story saying Cusack was cast as the overweight, over-the hill crime fighter. Although obviously untrue, Cusack declared he has read the comic — and he's a huge fan.

"I actually love the comic," the "High Fidelity" star declared. "I thought that was a really, really cool comic. I'm into it. I like those [Alan Moore] comics a lot."

A technological wizard in the mold of Bruce Wayne, Nite Owl uses gadgets and smarts more than powers or brawn. During the events of "Watchmen" he becomes deeply embroiled in a relationship with two other avengers, the Silk Spectre, Laurie Juspeczyk, who he begins to love, and the demented and deranged vigilante Rorschach.

Following the death of several "masks" (as they're called in the graphic novel), Nite Owl is pulled back into crimefighting, where he soon learns a terrible secret that will change the world forever.

A match for the physical look of the character, as well as his age and world-weariness, Cusack would seem a perfect fit for Nite Owl. Laughing, the 40-year-old actor said even that might not be enough.

"Who knows, Warner Bros. might want Ashton Kutcher," he joked. "Welcome to my world."

See our full uncut interview with John Cusack here, or tell us your thoughts below. Would Cusack make the perfect Nite Owl?