'Alien Vs. Predator 2’ A 'True-Blue Monster Movie'

While heavily anticipated in sci-fi circles, 2004's "AVP: Alien vs. Predator" ultimately disappointed audiences with a campy, lackluster script and an over-reliance on big-budget special effects. With a new director and cast set for its sequel, however, fans are being promised that the film they hoped for the first time around has finally arrived.

"[We're] trying to get back to the basics [with] the suspense and the gore," actor Steven Pasquale told MTV News, revealing that "AVP2’ will be considerably scarier than its predecessor. "I think it's going to be really fun. [Directors] Colin and Greg Strause really know what they're doing in terms of a sort of true-blue monster movie."

Pasquale will tackle the role of Dallas -- not to be confused with Tom Skerritt's Dallas from the original "Alien" movie -- a character caught in the middle of a battle between the two iconic extraterrestrial villains. "[He's] our convict who returns home to his small town in Colorado to find aliens and predators," he said. "Haven't we always wondered what would happen if they made it to Earth? [Well] now they have, and drama ensues. It's more about survival. Clearly we don't know what the hell these things are, so me and my little brother and a couple of the other main characters are trying to just get out of town with everything intact, and that's the journey rather than trying to sort of conquer the invincible monsters."

Unlike the first film, which saw criticism over the small amount of actual screentime between its spacey warring factions, Pasquale says that won't be an issue this time. "Aliens and predators will be fighting to the death," he stated, also hinting at something big in the offing. "There's a little secret surprise that I can't tell you about that the sci-fi fans are going to go bananas over. It's going to be awesome."

The battle resumes when "Alien vs. Predator: AVP2" hits theaters on December 25. Steven Pasquale's FX series "Rescue Me" premieres its fourth season on June 13; its third season arrives on DVD today.