Unsolicited Advice: 'Teen Titans'

With the announcement of DC Comics' young supergroup Teen Titans coming to the big screen, we thought we'd put forth our unsolicited advice on which characters they should use and who might fit into the rubber and spandex. Agree or disagree, speak forth in our comments section below.


We hear that the leader of the team is going to be Nightwing, aka Dick Grayson, the first person to wear the mantle of Batman's sidekick Robin. Playing the slightly older Nightwing is good news for the actor who won't have to worry about that stupid Robin costume. We could see William Moseley from "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" or "Lords of Dogtown" star Emile Hirsch?


The superpowered, flying alien princess with the golden skin and the flaming hair might strain believability, but she's a key presence to separate the Titans from the grittier X-Men. Hayden Panettierre, the indestructible cheerleader from "Heroes," might fill out the costume, but we like the idea of Kate Mara.


Never mind the flesh-covered version from "Smallville," this bionic superhero needs to be big, brawny and brash, bringing a dash of street cred to some otherwise spoiled crimefighters (a princess? Bruce Wayne's trust fund ward? C'mon!). Arjay Smith is a little old, but could pull it off.


Because every superhero team needs its gloomy goth girl with the empathic powers. How about Keisha Castle-Hughes from "Whale Rider" or Alexz Johnson of "Final Destination 3"?


The green-skinned jokester with the ability to morph into any animal, any size, is not only a valuable team member, he's also the group's comic relief. Former "Arrested Development" star (and co-star of the upcoming "Superbad") Michael Cera could do the trick. Or perhaps Frankie Muniz?


Part of the swingin' 1960s Titans, Hawk & Dove are brothers with opposite personalities that become mysteriously magnified, giving them superpowers. Hawk is angry and aggressive while the pacifistic Dove uses more defense-oriented Eastern fighting methods. We see Dustin Milligan (from TV's "Runaway") as Hawk and "Sky High" star Michael Angarano as Dove.


The Eastern-European girl with powers of earth-manipulation has a checkered past with the Titans (she initially joined the team in order to betray them), her powers are unique and she's a good foil for Changeling. Kristen Prout proved she can kick butt, even if it was in "Elektra."


How funny would it be if Aquaman's kid partner got to the big screen before he did? While classic comic book Teen Titans Wonder Girl and Kid Flash may be left out (due to their better known adult counterparts' films currently in development), Aqualad (or Tempest as he was later known) seems a no-brainer. Daryl Sabara from "Keeping Up with the Steins" might fit the gills.

It may be easier to predict comic book Titans that WON'T be making the translation to the big screen: Bumblebee, the Joker's Daughter, Jericho and the unfrozen caveman Gnaark! No, we're not kidding.

Are you looking forward to seeing "Teen Titans" on the big-screen? Chime in with your comments below.