The Dailies: June 4, 2007

We're tired after last night's Movie Awards, but the rest of Hollywood is as busy as ever this morning as news on Judd Apatow's newest project, the next video game adaptation, and "The Dark Knight" higlight our links of the day.

- Jack Black to star in Judd Apatow produced flick "Year One" alongside Michael Cera (Variety)

- Think Jigsaw was bad? "Saw" baddie Tobin Bell to play the devil himself in "Highway 61." (CHUD)

- "Mario Brothers," "Mortal Kombat" and now "Spy Hunter." Paul W.S. Anderson to direct video game adaptation for Universal. (Variety)

- Paradise Regained? Disney to produce romantic comedy about Adam and Eve? Oh lord. (Cinematical)

- Six Degrees just got a little easier. Kevin Bacon to join Ron Howard's "Frost/Nixon." (Hollywood Reporter)

- Jim Carrey to star in "I Love you Phillip Morris," about a man who escapes jail four times to be with his old cellmate. (Variety)

- Chicago actor Danny Goldring set to appear in "The Dark Knight" in an unspecified role. (Chicago Sun-Times)

- Stan Winston smash! Legendary artist will create special effects for "The Incredible Hulk." (Superhero Hype)

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